Woodworking Spoon

Woodworking trends come and go, but some will always remain. One of the top things people love to make in the workshop are little gifts for others. More often than not, you will find that woodworkers love to carve out spoons for gifts.

There is something so homespun and folksy in creating custom wood spoons as gifts. One beginning woodworker, Chantelle Delichte, got started in wooden spoons by experimentation and it turned into a full blown obsession.

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wood spoonWhat is so great about what Chantelle does is that anyone can do it and it makes a real impression with those that you give the spoon to.  It is quality hand crafted work that is one of a kind and everytime it is used in the kitchen or displayed, they will remember who gave the wooden spoon to them.

I think the spoons carved like this offer a rustic feel that is enjoyed by anyone who holds one of these spoons.  Also it is very cathartic to sit, carve and whittle away until you get this unique piece.  Give it a try in your woodshop or even on your front porch.  It can be done anywhere and it is fun.